A Career in Aviation For My Son And My First Flight Posted By Shivaji

A Career in Aviation For My Son And My First Flight
One of the proudest moments in every mother’s life is when her son starts his career in his dream job. The day I sat in an airplane seat was my first time on a plane.  It also coincided with my son’s first flight, as a pilot. The moment filled me with tears of joy and also tears brought on by the remembrance of the struggles we faced as a family, to make his dream come true. Becoming a pilot had always been a passion of his since he was a young boy 

Twenty years ago, the idea of becoming a pilot was far fetched and an unrealistic pursuit, as far as career choices went. However, the world is vastly different today with many young people veering of the path their parents had to follow. The changes in lifestyles and technology naturally led to changes in the career choices available for today’s young people.  

So, when my son wanted to become a pilot, my husband and I naturally were ready to do whatever was necessary to make his dream come true.  We re-mortgaged the house to make it financially possible for him to pursue his dreams of becoming an airline pilot.  Having always been a close-knit family, my son knew the sacrifices we were making for him and was completely committed to doing his best in flight school.  He passed at the top of his class and his instructors all believed in his potential.  But becoming a pilot is one of the more difficult paths in the 
field of aviation, which we began to discover over the next several years.  

There were months which were overwhelmingly difficult and it pushed us all into hopelessness, despair and tested our faith.  But one thing that never faltered was our love for each other, as a family. We stuck together through all the gossip and negativity from friends and family, who all had something to say.  We discovered who our true well-wishers were during this period.  With the burden of the bank loans and unsupportive friends and family, it seemed unlikely that my son would realize his dreams, which kept me up many nights in silent tears.  

But, as with all dreams, only those individuals, who are highly motivated and determined, can make their dreams a reality and my son was no exception.  With a twist of fate, he got his lucky break to 
work in an airport as ground crew and over the course of a year, he was able to make the right contacts and land his dream job of becoming a pilot.  So, as I sat there with my husband in the plane, which my son was flying, I was literally on cloud nine.  The struggles, the financial burdens and the negativity from friends and family didn’t stop my son from making his dream come true of following his passion of becoming a pilot.  He took the courageous first step by joining an Aviation Courses in Pune and through hard work and determination, he realized his dream.  

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