“You’ve Got Mail” from Life Posted By Sheelu

“You’ve Got Mail” from Life
I was recently watching an older Hollywood movie, “You’ve got mail”, and I got to thinking about the lives we lead.  In the movie, the main character, Meg Ryan, finds herself losing the shop her mother built from the ground up. She had imagined herself following in her mother’s footsteps, as she grew up in the shop her mother had opened.  Now, that she was forced to close her beloved bookshop, which meant more to her than just a business, as it was filled with memories of her mother, she had to re-examine her life and what she was going to do.  She was no longer the owner of a family business and had to ask herself questions she wasn’t ready for.  She needed to look within and see what she was interested in, where her interests lay so that she could start a new career and a new life.  It scared her in the beginning, but as time went by, she embraced it and ended up becoming a children’s book author.  She would have never discovered her talent for writing children’s books, had she had not been forced to close her bookshop.  

It is really easy to fit yourself into the life designed for you.  You can grow up in one city, grow up there, go to school, get a job, get married and live in one city your whole life.  You can live a comfortable life, where nothing out of the ordinary happens and you can easily plan the days of your life.  If a life of no surprises and no big changes appeals to you, then I suppose this is a beautiful life. But then life doesn’t always act in accordance with our wishes.  You can be born in one city, go to school in a different country, get a job in a different city, get married in another new country and the days of your life are something that is never constant.  It is a life in constant flux.  This kind of life is can scare some, while others embrace it.  
If there is one thing in life you can guarantee on, it is change.  Nothing in life is constant except for change.  A life of change will open your eyes and mind by broadening your perspective, changing conditioned opinions and alter your viewpoint to see things in a different light, which leads to discovering more about yourself than you knew.  It is not an easy to thing to discover you were wrong or your opinion on things/people was wrong.  But a person who embraces their faults and fixes their mistakes within themselves becomes more capable of compassion and understanding.  If you can show yourself compassion by accepting your faults and having the courage to change for the better, then when you encounter somebody else who is different from you, you will be able to show them the same compassion and understanding you were able to show yourself, instead of judging them.  

So, embrace life in all its colors and let it teach you because life isn’t out to get you or make your miserable, every instance in our life has a lessons to teach us and if we are open to this lesson, then we become better people.  Otherwise, we remain the same and judge all those who are different from us and never realize that they are the product of their life and their experiences.  Let love and compassion grow in your heart and life will return love and compassion to you a thousand fold.  This is the secret to a happy life.  Embrace everything life throws at you so that you grow and evolve, so that in your golden years when you look back on the life you led, you will have a smile on your face because you will know that everything happened exactly the way it should have, which is why you led the life you led.  A life that was as colorful as the infinite number of colors in a prism.    

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