Why Should I Take Yoga Classes? Posted By Priya C.

Why Should I Take Yoga Classes?
When I was about 18 years old, I got into a car accident, and at that time, I was more in shock than in any physical pain.  My husband, when he was also around the same age, got into a motorcycle accident and hurt his back severely.  And both of us did not receive proper medical attention at that time, which led to the pain building up over the years. 

A few years ago and decades later since the accident, the back pain became so intense, that we sought out a body therapist and underwent treatment, which lasted a few months and left a heavy dent in our savings.  The therapy was painful, to say the least, and once we are healed enough to start rehabilitating our bodies, our body therapist recommended us for yoga classes to strengthen the back muscles, which had become so weak over the years, since it was poorly treated and carelessly overlooked, many years ago. Want to try yoga? Find best yoga classes on classboat.com

We joined a yoga school, with brilliant and kind, expert yoga trainers.  The medical doctor prescribed a special program for both of us, with specific asanas to aid us each on the road to recovery. The first few days of the yoga classes were the most difficult, trying to get our bodies to hold certain postures.  But with the patient guidance of our instructor, we were taught breathing techniques for each asana designed to help us hold the postures easily.  We were told to drink plenty of water and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables following the sessions, which we followed to the tee.  The results were felt from the very first session. We both felt fresher, somehow lighter and relaxed.  And after a few weeks, the physical changes we both went through were amazing. Get the benefits of yoga by joining yoga classes in pune.  

My husband’s upper body became more sculpted and toned.  His stomach flatter and he himself was much more relaxed despite the task of managing, work, home, and the yoga sessions.  I also felt the change. My body became cooler(my body type if pitha, so it generates heat quicker), I was more flexible and I dropped two pant sizes.  All this within weeks.  We continued these rigorous, intense yoga sessions for a few months and then transitioned into a softer, gentler yoga, which we still practice today, years later.                                 

This new form of yoga placed more emphasis on breathing or pranayama and gentle body movements.  The reasoning behind the emphasis on the breath is that our bodies need more than the energy we receive from the foods we eat.  Our bodies were designed to absorb the energies provided by the five natural elements, Earth, water, fire, air, and space. But since we are constantly stuffing ourselves with food, we leave no room for these elements to be absorbed into the body. 
This form of yoga, done on an empty stomach, that relies heavily on the breath, absorbs the energy from the Earth, water, fire air, and space, so that when we ARE hungry, we eat the perfect amount of food our body actually needs, thereby maintaining our weight also.  Moreover, there’s no need to take vitamin tablets, etc as you get the necessary vitamins the body needs easily by practicing the breathing techniques or pranayama.  Moreover, by doing yoga every morning, you will be filled with the energy you need to work all day long, without feeling exhausted and maintaining a relaxed state of mind. 

Take it from me, yoga has truly saved my life. The level of energy I have compared to days, I don’t do yoga is drastically different.  Not only my energy level, but also my state of mind.  I am much more relaxed and calm when I do my yoga exercises.  Many people wonder how I am able to be happy most of the time.  It is because when you do yoga, you automatically release toxins stored in your body, which were causing negative energies to linger in you, affecting your moods.Get trained in yoga at yoga classes in pune.  So, doing yoga is not only beneficial for your physical fitness, but also your emotional wellbeing, your outlook on life, and how you respond, not react, to tough or difficult situations.  If you are still not convinced on the benefits of yoga, then try a few classes yourself and see the difference with your own eyes. 

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