Why Learning Math With Abacus Works! Posted By Sheetal

Why Learning Math With Abacus Works!
Just like most kids, I hated mathematics, when I was a child.  I could do simple equations, but add fractions to the mix and I hated it.  The reason being, I couldn’t understand it.  It seemed so foreign to me and made me feel stupid, so I hated it, which is probably why most children hate math.  

When I got to high school, my father, who HAS a Ph.D. in Mathematics (I Know! I was his daughter who could not do math!), sat me down one day and explained fractions in a way that cleared everything up.  It was like a lightbulb went on in my head and fractions were no longer scary. 
I stopped understanding math when the alphabet decided to get involved.
After understanding that, algebra became easy also. When a couple of really good math teachers, took the time to tutor me after school, on their own time. I still remember sitting in that classroom and they would draw all these pictures, visual aids, to help me understand and surprisingly, I did.  So, from a kid who was barely passing with 50% marks, I went to 98% and now I was the smart kid in the class to whom everybody asked their doubts to. The confidence that surged thru me was like nothing I ever felt before.  From this, all my marks in all the other subjects also skyrocketed.  I was a C student who went to become an A+ student, in a matter of a grade, a single year!  

Today, you don’t have to have a dad with a Ph.D. or teachers who will take the time to make mathematics simple and easy for you.  Learning math using an abacus is becoming more and more popular to aid children in improving their skills for math.  Using this visual aid, a child, from a young age, can see how adding subtracting, multiplying and dividing happen.  Giving a clear picture to the brain that absorbs this information, thus making solving simple equations easy.  This ease in solving problems from a young age will give you the confidence to solve more complex problems as you move through the education system and learn more complex equations, such as algebra, calculus, trigonometry, etc.

Exposing your children to the abacus learning methods does more than just improve your child’s math skills.  There are many more benefits to this learning style:
  •     Improves your logical reasoning skills
  •     Increases confidence and self-esteem
  •     Enhances photographic memory
  •     Increases memory power
  •     Better reading and writing
  •     Sharpens listening skills

We are all born with the same learning potential and capacity, the only difference lies in the fact of whether we are given the chance to tap into this potential or not.  So, give you children the opportunity and chance and watch them blossom before your very eyes, using the abacus learning method.  

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