Why Has Mind Activation Become So Necessary? Posted By Annalakshmi

Why Has Mind Activation Become So Necessary?
Your great grandparents did not need it nor did your grandparents need it.  But your parents might have definitely benefited from it.  A century ago, even 75 years ago, raising a child was something that came naturally.  Joint families existed, which was an advantage for raising children.  The responsibility of raising a child did not rest solely on the parents, who were busy living their lives and spreading their wings to see what the world has to offer for them.  You had grandparents and aunties and uncles to could cater to every need of the child.  A child developed naturally, playing at the right age, exploring their creativity, starting to learn and study at the appropriate age, working and then starting the cycle again when they got married and had their own children.
Today, we have scientific data and proof that a child needs certain types of activities that will cater to their creative side, playful side and the thirst for knowledge.  What was known to our ancestors is now being proven with science and parents are flocking to daycares and hobby classes to make sure their children are developing properly with Mind Activation classes. 

What are mind activation classes anyways and why all the fuss?  
By taking your children and enrolling them in mind activation classes, they will be exposed to a variety of activities meant to stimulate their creative side and logical side, the left and right side of the brain.  By developing both of these sides equally your child will become more intelligent, sharper, be able to grasp concepts and lessons easier, develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. They will not just parrot things in a textbook, but think about them in a different perspective, offering new and unique solutions and viewpoints.  They will grow up to be well-rounded individuals who will be able to work calmly under pressure and have a respect for every type of person.  By developing both sides of the brain equally, the ability for kindness and compassion will develop naturally, as it did many years ago when children were allowed to be children.  
So, the need for mind activation classes has become necessary today because our society has split in such an unusual manner, where we are no longer concerned about society as a whole, but only care about our own lives and problems. We never think about what it must feel like for the person next to you or why they behave the way they do. Every single person is born with love and kindness in their hearts, it's only society that has destroyed this natural ability.  So, today we need to go to a class to learn to develop properly.  Don’t let your children suffer the same fate and enrol them in mind activation classes so that they can grow up naturally with activities that will allow them to be children and will spark their child like curiosity once again.   

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