Why Does My Child Need Yoga? Posted By Mayuri

Why Does My Child Need Yoga?
As adults, we all know the benefits of practicing yoga.  Whether we take the time to learn yoga or not is an entirely different matter.  As yoga becomes more and more popular, it is also finding a way to reach out to children.  Yoga classes for children are also becoming popular and more widespread.  But why should children do yoga?  How can it possibly benefit a growing child? 

Yoga is about not just being physically fit, but emotionally as well.  A child goes through many hormonal and emotional changes during the first 16 years.  This means that practicing yoga regularly will help your child adapt with the changes they go through. By practicing yoga you child can:
  • Develop an awareness of their body – become healthier by learning to listen to what the body wants, for example not stuffing yourself with junk food to deal with an emotion you might be feeling
  • Learn to manage stress through the breathing exercises and the meditations – growing up can be a stressful time in all children’s lives. By practicing breathing exercises and meditation your child will learn to respond to these stresses in an emotionally mature way.  
  • Build concentration – to clear the mind and focus on the pose that they are currently doing
  • Increase their self-confidence and build a positive self-image – by learning to relax into themselves and who they are, which naturally leads to having a respect for themselves and others around.  
  • Get unplugged from technology – a child who knows him/herself and respects themselves will have no problem being with themselves. They won’t need distractions, but rather they will come to enjoy the time they have alone.   

So while you may have trouble disciplining yourself to become more healthy and fit by practicing yoga, you can allow that opportunity for your children, so that yoga becomes a part of their life. And by practicing yoga they will naturally fall into practicing meditations as well.  This is the best gift you can give your child; a calm and relaxed life that comes with having a clear state of mind that can be achieved by learning yoga and making it a part of your life. 

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