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Why Are You Trying To Lose Weight?
It isn’t uncommon to find a woman on a diet these days.  Most women believe they can be slimmer than they are and without the proper education, have irregular eating habits and unhealthy dieting techniques, such as skipping meals.  Anybody who has been on a diet knows the weight always comes back and in double or triple fold.  So what causes so many women to start dieting, including myself?

About a few years ago, I started a fruit diet.  I didn’t skip meals, rather I had my regular breakfast and lunch portions and for dinner would have a healthy variety of fruits.  I did this for about a year and after the initial hardships, dropped down 4 dress sizes.  I was thrilled and started eating regularly again.  But, my body it seems didn’t like the fruit diet because over the course of the next year, the weight came crashing back and I put on more weight than I had ever had. 

Answers From Science
It wasn’t till I took a class on DNA n genes, I found out the reason for this weight gain.  When we all of a sudden change our eating habits, our bodies go into shock and they remember this shock.  So, when I started my fruit diet, with no exercise routine, whatsoever, my body eventually started burning off the fat to make up for the loss of nutrition, which is how people who diet lose weight.  But here is the thing, our bodies have a memory.  So, when you start eating regularly again, as I did, our bodies start storing the food, as fat, in case you decide to deprive it of food again, so that it has a reserve to fall back on.   This is called the famine gene.  In countries, where children were born during war times, where food was scarce, this gene automatically comes into activation and these children have a harder time losing weight because their bodies naturally tend to store food, as fat, in case the body is deprived of food for extended periods of time because it remembers from even in the womb, that there was a lack of nutrition. 

Lose Weight And Keep It Off
The most important thing about losing weight is not just losing weight but doing it properly, combining diet and exercise If you look up healthy dieting tips on Google, you will find most nutritionists, doctors and personal trainers advise you to eat smaller portions and more frequently.  So, if you eat three meals a day, hopefully, the thing to do is divide these three meal portions into six portions to eat at regular intervals.  The meals you eat also have to be healthy and wholesome, covering all the food groups, so that your body is not deprived of the necessary vitamins and proteins it needs to function properly.  In addition to revising your diet, you will also need to add in an exercise regime to your day, which means making the time for yourself.  It means re-prioritizing your life to make room for what is important to you and put everything else after.  Whether you take thirty minutes a day to go jogging or join a gym or fitness class, make yourself a priority.  But the most important thing to dieting is to remember that you are not doing it because you think you are fat or feel that somehow losing the weight will make your more attractive or happier.  No, these are clear signs of a person who has low self-esteem and low self-regard.  If you cannot look at yourself in the mirror and love what you see, then no amount of dieting to achieve the perfect figure will add happiness to your life.  The people in your life should love you for who you are, not for what you look like.  If you happen to have some extra weight around your hips, remember it is natural.  A woman naturally carries extra weight around her hips for child bearing purposes. Nature made you this way, for a reason.  Trying to go against nature and torture yourself into looking like air brushed models and actresses is unrealistic and ridiculous.  A woman’s curves are what make her a woman.  Embrace your womanliness and learn to love who you are because there has never been and there will never be another woman like you on this planet.  

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Ekta Trivedi
Ekta Trivedi22 September 2016