Who Is Standing Beside You In Your Life? Posted By Mayuri

Who Is Standing Beside You In Your Life?
It is not in our hands the family we are born into.  Perhaps we are born into a loving family or we are not.  We cannot choose our family members, but one thing that remains in our hands is the selection of friends.  The friends we choose to allow into our lives can make our life enjoyable, if we are careful about whom we choose.  Friends with whom you can be yourself without fear or shame and who stand beside you in good times and bad are the kind of friends everybody should have in their lives.  If you are lucky you will find such people entering your life at different points.  
I have friends who have seen me through some of the most difficult times in my life.  As many people have experienced, sometimes it is not family that stands beside you in times of distress, but your friends who hold you when you cry and make you laugh despite the situation you find yourself in.  I have been fortunate to meet some of the most beautiful people to whom I thank God for every day because if it wasn’t for the friends in my life, my life would be unbearable.  My friends know more about me, my life and my struggles than my family.  They have laughed with me, cried with me and sometimes even told me when I was being stupid.  They are the kind of friends who will speak the truth in front of you and not make you feel bad about it and help you learn and move on.  
Recently, I made two new friends who helped re-shape who I am, though, they are unaware of the effect their presence had in my life. They were just being themselves.  They are two people with the biggest and kindest hearts I have ever met.  One friend, when I met him for the first time, seemed so serious, I thought, “ahhh, we will never get along”.  But that was the biggest surprise because I had no idea what kind of person he was.  I never expected the understanding and kindness he bestowed upon me.  I can’t imagine my life without him.  My other friend gave me a similar first impression because upon first sight she looked a little scary with such a blank expressionless face. It was only later after getting to know her little by little that I found out she had the biggest heart of all and her smile could easily erase your sorrows.  The smile on her face and love in her eyes can easily be seen by anyone who is looking.  I feel so lucky that I get to see these qualities in them that most people miss out on.  The people around me do not know that they are two of the best people on the planet and I feel lucky that I am privy to this secret.  I feel blessed for having met them and I wonder how I ever made it through life so far without them.  It’s amazing how life can surprise you and throw people into your life that change it so completely that you simply can’t imagine them not being a part of your life anymore.  

If life should ever choose to separate us, I know the effects will be devastating because they have woven themselves into my life so completely. they taught me that as long as you keep your heart open, the universe will send beautiful people your way to make up for all the difficulties that you will encounter.  In fact, the burdens and difficulties life throws us are made easier with such people in our lives.  So don’t discount the next person you meet based on your first impression because you never know how they will alter your life.  Keep your heart open to all those who enter and the ones that are meant to stay in your life, will stay and leave their mark on you that will change you forever.  

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