Who Are You? – Take A Good Look With Personality Development Classes Posted By Nimmi

Who Are You? – Take A Good Look With Personality Development Classes
I love Subway sandwiches and every now and then I order myself a foot-long veggie delite, filled with the toppings I like and thoroughly enjoy my meal.  But if you were to give me subway sandwiches every day, I would probably kill you.  As much as I like their sandwiches, nothing warms my heart like a plate of dal n rice dripping with ghee.  I know who I am and what I like.  I like to try different foods because variety is the spice of life after all.  But if you make me eat pasta or pizza every day, I would surely die (not the tiniest bit dramatic here).                 

I step outside today and am surprised at what I see.  Almost everybody is dressed like they stepped off the runway, with the latest trends on their eyes, feet, and body.  Now, I don’t mean to be rude, but there are clearly some people who are wearing the wrong clothes that don’t suit them at all.  And it’s obvious to see if you’re paying attention.  There are people wearing clothes, western or Indian that obviously make them uncomfortable, but they wear it nonetheless, because they are trying to portray an image of somebody they are not. 

Why is that?  Who are they trying to be?  Now, if you knew what I looked like and saw me trying to dress like Katrina Kaif, you would definitely laugh because there is no way that look would suit me.  But you would say the clothes I do wear, suit me very well because they reflect my personality.  You are not going to get Katrina Kaif’s or Salman Khan’s confident look and personality, by copying them. No, you can only get that kind of confidence by knowing who you are first and wearing yourself, confidently, because that is the key to confidence, being comfortable in your own skin.  Being proud of who you are!
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But the sad thing is, we are flooded with so many media images that we never bother looking at ourselves.  Instead, we are always trying to match what we see on the screen.  So, STOP! Stop trying to be somebody you are not and instead start paying attention to who you are, what you like and don’t, what looks good on you and so on. 

So, the first step to realizing who you are, if you are unclear and have doubts, as you must, since nobody has told you to pay attention to yourself, is to get help.  How do we do that?  There are hundreds of personality development courses that are aimed at building your confidence, showing you how to dress for success in your own skin, which means wearing the clothes that suit you, that will bring out your inner god or goddess.  There is nothing wrong in seeking help when we need it.  And the help is there, with so many personality development classes in pune for developing YOUR personality, not a personality, but YOUR personality.  Confidence starts with being comfortable with who you are. So discover who you are with classes that are designed to help you portray the best image of yourself. 

So, the point isn’t what you eat, but what you enjoy eating.  Whether it’s burgers every day or a nice hot plate of dal n rice.  Choose and choose ONLY for yourself. 

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