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White Hat Hackers – Digital Police Force
Black hats and White hats, the cat in the hat... No, not really the cat in the hat nor am I talking about hats.  I am talking about hackers, black hat hackers, and the white hat hackers.  Black hat hackers are those who hack into your email accounts, bank accounts, government records, company databases etc.  White hat hackers are your knights who stop the black hats from accessing your private and sensitive information, using the same methods they use, but use it for prevention instead of attacking.  So, the line gets a little blurry creating controversy about the term ethical hacking. You can get certification Ethical Hacking at ethical hacking course in pune.
If you have seen the Hollywood movie, “The Core” then you are familiar with the character “The Rat” Finch, who plays the role of a hacker in the movie.  What would you call him, a black hat or white hat hacker?  The government hires him to hack the planet so that the sensitive information about their secret plan does not get leaked. But he developed his skills as a black hat hacker.  In the James Bond movie, Skyfall, the headquarters gets hacked into by Javier Bardem, playing the villain Raoul Silva, so that he can escape from his holding cell.  So, the term for hackers is one that is synonymous with somebody who is doing something illegal.  But white hat hackers are not like the villains portrayed in the movies, they are the police force of the internet, securing your sensitive data.  Want to jump in new field it...get ethical hacking training in pune.

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As things become more digitized, the more the need is to protect all the sensitive information stored in virtual space.  Imagine your bank details just floating out there for anyone to see, use and steal.  Our whole lives are online today.  It is easy for anyone with the know how, to easily steal your very identity, creating havoc in your lives.  Identity theft has been on the rise slowly as people’s whole lives are thrown into chaos by shady characters, who have the intelligence to steal your private information and turn your life into a mess by, for example, wracking up credit card bills and throwing yours into financial ruin. How do you prove that it wasn’t you that made those purchases?  This has been the case with thousands of people who have had their identities stolen and had worse things happen to them than financial ruin.  So the need for our white hat hackers is urgent, for as more and more people get online, without understanding the risks involved, the easier it is for hackers to hack into their private and sensitive information, that is just sitting there waiting to be taken.  Similar to leaving your front door open to your house and then coming back to find you’ve been robbed.  But it was you who left the door wide open for anyone to walk thru.  So, the need for an ethical hacker or digital security officer is rising rapidly.  A security force to safeguard your precious data, just as you have security guards posted at the gate to your society.  Enroll in ethical hacking course in pune to become a white hat hacker.

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