Which Is More Important - Talent or English? Posted By Amit

Which Is More Important - Talent or English?
Before writing this, I conducted my own research on the Internet and was surprised to find that hardly anyone held the viewpoint, which I am about to express here.  Having been exposed to the education sector for more than a decade, I have met people from all walks of life.   The one thing that saddens me is the fact that talented and skilled people, which the country needs, are losing out on Jobs simply because their English speaking skills are poor.  If you were to talk to these graduates in their language, whether it is Telegu, Hindi, Tamil, etc., you will find them to be intelligent people, technically sound who also possess Soft Skills.  What are soft skills, anyways?  Soft skills is not just being able to speak English, it encompasses a wide area of skills such as interpersonal, communication, teamwork, time management and much more.  These students, graduates, had all the skills the industry needs, the technical know-how and soft skills. The only skill that needed developing was their English Language skills. You can learn other soft skills at personality development classes in pune.

Now the thing that baffles my mind is, while English is important in a world moving towards globalization, isn’t it more important to find talented people and then train them by hiring trainers or sending them to english classes in pune. Shouldn’t this be the solution to the problem?  Instead of hiring people who can speak English, but are lacking in all the other skills you seek.  There is so much talk about how the talent is leaving the country.  But really, it seems to me, the definition of talent in India, needs redefining.  There are many talented and skilled people whose only fault is that they lack English speaking skills.  Book a demo at english classes in pune.

My experience over the past decade has shown me that half the people, not all, who have excellent English skills are lacking in the other more important skills that are necessary for employment. But since these people can communicate easily in English and talk themselves into and out of anything, they get hired.  Now, not everyone who speaks English is qualified, just like not everyone with poor English skills are also not technically sound.  So the measure for testing people to see if they are qualified should be based on the individual. Filtering the candidates by seeing if they are technically sound, a team player, willing to learn, can communicate effectively, in their language, etc.  Enroll in English language classes today.

It is true, the education system is the main problem.  But solving a problem on such a grand scale will take time.  And the people that might be capable of tackling such national issues are being held back for a simple skill they lack in, English. Why not hire people based on talent and not just English?  Shouldn’t we as a nation reward some of our brightest and most talented and then help them by giving them a hand in developing the skills they are lacking in.  Isn’t that what being a compassionate human being is all about?  Or are we just concerned about the superficial and not interested in real people?  Do you only want someone who can talk the talk, but is incapable of performing the tasks?  Or do you want talented people who will be grateful to you and your company for giving them the chance while helping them to improve their English speaking skills so that they can grow and develop into successful people, who can become capable of changing society. 

Take a good look at many of the most brilliant minds of our times and you will find they came from simple backgrounds and had somebody who trusted in them and gave them a helping hand when they needed. It.  So the next time you are looking at hiring a person, look for talent and when you find that individual, send them for english classes in pune if they need it.  Finding these classes is the easy part because there are hundreds of them in the city, all listed on classboat.

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Nandini23 June 2016
I agree. i'm glad somebody has said this.