Which Animated Character Put A Smile On Your Face? Posted By Anu

Which Animated Character Put A Smile On Your Face?
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Ever since, I was a little girl, cartoons and animated films have always made me laugh. Even now, as an adult, I love watching animated movies.  There is nothing like the innocent and childlike jokes of an animated character to put a smile on your face, regardless of your mood.  Animations can always turn that frown on your face upside down.

When I think of animated movies the first things to come to my mind are the jokes. A couple of the funniest lines from some of my favorite animated films are:

The Little Mermaid – When Sebastian says to Ariel “The human world… It’s a mess” or Scuttle the seagull explains human objects to Ariel, such as the fork, which according to his vast human knowledge explains that it is a dingle hopper,  usead to straighten hair.  

Disney’s Aladdin – I can think of several funny lines in this classic movie, which mostly involve the genie or Apu.  One of my favorite scenes is when the palace guards are chasing Aladdin n Apu through the streets and Apu pulls out a sword.  One of the guards, gasps and says “He’s got a sword”, to which the head guard retorts angrily, “You idiot, we’ve all got swords”.  Wherein Apu then gently places his sword down and makes a run for it.  

I could list movie after movie of funny scenes from some of the best such as, Toy Story, How to train your dragon, Inside Out, Shrek and many more.  The childlike comedic scenes are liable to make anyone smile and laugh.  Moreover, animated movies can carry you through a range of emotions just like “human” movies, from happiness to surprise to shock, tears and laughter.  

Once upon a time, while watching an animated character, a spark was probably lit in you and your interest in joining animation courses in pune was born.  So, as you spend your time learning and developing the skills and knowledge needed to enter this field, at animation courses in pune as well as animation courses in mumbai and remember what lit up your passion in the first place.  A animated character that moved you to tears or laughter, as a child.  

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