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Where Will Your Education From Reliance Take You
We’ve all sat there during our college days when past students, the alumni, came and shared their stories with us of their college days and how their education at that particular institute helped shape the person they became.  They probably even mentioned the professors who encouraged them to be more than their best, which became one of the reasons for their present day success.  But imagine if you in the future went back to your college, as somebody famous or were part of something that everybody knew about and shared your story of your path to success?  Can you imagine how enraptured the students would be of your story and the kind of motivation you would bring to them to follow in similar footsteps?  Animation courses in pune and animation courses in Mumbai will take you to your destination career. 

Almost everybody in India is aware of the recent blockbuster Baahubali and has witnessed the magic of the story, the acting, and the amazing visual effects and animations.  As young adults wondering what career path to choose or the perfect animation institute in pune for you, an offbeat career in the growing field of animation and VFX, could hold the keys to the your success and happiness.  Reliance Education, which proudly produced 4 students who went on to work on the recent blockbuster, Baahubali, were part of the magic of the second and final concluding part of this movie franchise. By enrolling in their VFX course in pune and animation courses in pune you can equip yourself with skills for the software used in the industry such as, Nuke, Mari, Modo, the only certified center for these tools.  

So instead of doing the regular engineering, lawyer or doctor programs, join Reliance and start your career in animations or VFX and have a more successful and rewarding career than your college mates/schoolmates.  Be a part of something magical and come back to share with students your unique journey in the field of animation/VFX.

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