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What Was The First Bug Found By Software Testing
The first computer bug to be found was in September 1947.  You will be surprised to know that the term bug was termed with the discovery of this bug, a moth, which was stuck in the machine.  The role of a software tester can lead to either making or breaking a company.  There are several examples in history of companies losing millions of dollars simply because something as simple as a “-“ was missing from a program.  Failures in proper testing does not just lead to loss of money but loss of lives also.  For example, when car brakes are not tested properly and it leads to the loss of life.  The job of being a tester is no small task and it is a job you can take pride in, knowing that your ability to adequately test the software will result in either success or failure.  

If you are wondering what kind of field you should enter into whether it is your first job or you are looking at switching jobs, then take the time to weigh your talents and skills to see if you can be proficient in software testing by joining software testing course in pune and software testing course in mumbai. If you are a person who has a keen eye for detail and is meticulous in carrying out the smallest task with perfection, then the skills needed to become a software tester will naturally fall in line for you.  Your role as a tester is so important that there is even a world Software Tester day, September 9th, the day the first bug was discovered.  

So the next time you hear of a company losing millions or a car or satellite crash because of a slight error that was not caught by the quality testers of that company, remember that could be you if you do not take your role seriously and completely dedicate yourself to the task, sincerely.  Take the necessary steps to learn and develop the skills to become an expert software testing professional with software testing institute in pune and software testing institute in mumbai because, while the number of testers are many, the number of talented and skilled testers are few.  So, take advantage of the lag in this field and build your skills and watch your earnings soar as a software tester.

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Myrtle Gates18 March 2021
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