What Playing Basketball Won’t Give You! Posted By Annalakshmi

What Playing Basketball Won’t Give You!
When I was a little girl, I was really short compared to the other children in my classroom.  I still am not that tall, only 5ft in height.  One day, I heard from somewhere, I don’t quite remember from whom or where, that reaching for heights, like the top cupboard shelf, would make you grow taller. I also learned that playing basketball also increased your height.  I know now today, that it is not true, since my height is only 5ft, but I did enjoy my childhood years playing the fun sport of basketball.  
I used to play basketball every day after school with my little brother in the front yard of our house, which had a basketball hoop.  We used to play one on one and the game of 21.  The game of one on one is easy to understand, me vs my brother to see who could score a point.  We would play until we got tired, which was usually after a few hours.  The aim of the game of 21 is for each player to take a turn standing at a specific spot to throw the ball in the net and each spot had a point.  There were three spots from where depending on where you stood you would get either a 3 point score or 2 or 1.  Each player keeps going until he doesn’t score and then it is the other person’s turn.  So you keep alternating and the game ends when one player reaches 21 pts.  We played this game also for a few hours.
Although, the game of basketball did not improve my height, it has given me so much more.  I have some of the greatest childhood memories of playing basketball with my little brother, before he grew too cool to play with his big sister.  Playing basketball with him allowed us the chance to form a bond, from which our relationship would grow and blossom.  It was not a competitive game between us.  We played basketball for the fun of simply playing.  Although, I never learned to play professionally, nor was I ever interested, playing basketball was one of my favorite hobbies as a child.  Learning the sport of basketball is easy, but it is the memories that you can create, which can last a lifetime, such as the fond memories I have of my little brother.  

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