What Is The One Thing Every Teacher Needs To Do? Posted By Renu

What Is The One Thing Every Teacher Needs To Do?
I went to a catholic school when I was younger, where the teachers were nuns.  Only about half of them were kind and nice to the children.  The other nuns were scary as hell.  I have no idea what business they had teaching children, more like torturing children.  Walking around the class holding that scale in their hands, ready to beat anyone who did not know the answer or were distracted, in other words, just simply being children.
Today, I go to a yoga center, where there are several yoga teachers.  There are two instructors who are really skilled and kind.  They know what they are talking about and are ready to teach you patiently.  There are a few others, who only want to show off all the things they can do and are not really interested in teaching you the basics even.  So, it doesn’t seem to matter whether you are teaching in a school or some other kind of hobby class, you are either a skilled teacher or you are not.  Regardless of the subject, you are teaching, you are in a position of moulding and shaping minds and more importantly in a position to change lives, which is a responsibility you should take seriously.  
So, whether you are going to become a Montessori teacher, yoga teacher or painting teacher, getting trained to be a teacher is an important step for you.  By enrolling in teacher training course in pune you will learn and benefit from the following:
  • Improved student understanding and achievements
  • Learning creative teaching methods
  • Recognizing learning patterns and styles of different students
  • Improving your own confidence to teach – Body language
  • Importance of patience
  • Increase listening skills, not listening to reply
It is not just important that you have the knowledge in the field into which you are entering, but also have the skills so that you can teach what you know effectively.  So that the student absorbs what it is you are saying and retains that information, which is why you wanted to become a teacher in the first place.  You wanted to share what you knew and enrich the lives of others.  So, equip yourself with more than just your knowledge and develop your skills for being a teacher, so that you can fully realize how fulfilling and joyous teaching can really be.    
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