What Is The Meaning Of Fitness? Posted By Mayuri

What Is The Meaning Of Fitness?
Hear the word fitness and you think of gyms, people working out, physically fit people with toned muscles, energy drinks, diets, shakes ... The list could go on.  But being fit does not just relate to being physically fit but also being mentally fit.  Just being physically fit does not mean you are functioning at your optimal level if you are mentally unstable, worried or troubled.  A person can only relax the mind when they are physically well also.  
You can join a meditation class and try to sit, watch your breathing and relax the mind, but you won’t get very far if you are not physically well. Even sitting and doing meditation requires you to be physically fit.  Furthermore, if you are agitated, troubled and worried, you will find it impossible to relax into a state of calm and peace.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to exert that agitated energy into a physical fitness routine. Just join a Pilates or aerobics class or take up running or jogging and you will find that your agitations, anger, sadness all leaving you through the exertion of the physical exercise. Those energies are no longer being stored in your body, instead, you have given it an outlet to be released into, thereby leaving you in a relaxed and much calmer state of mind. Your problems may not be over, but you will have the clarity needed to resolve the situation, just by releasing that frustrated and agitated energy, which was blocking your ability for clarity.  
So, the next time you hear the word fitness, remember it is not just about joining a gym, taking kickboxing classes, dieting, or proper nutrition, it includes your mental health as well.  Being physically and mentally fit will allow you to live life to the fullest.  

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