What Happened To The Woman I Married? Posted By Geeta

What Happened To The Woman I Married?
You’ve met the love of your life, you gush over each other and can’t imagine life without the other.  You spend hours talking and when you think about it later, you can’t really seem to recall what you spoke about, only that during the whole conversation you were floating on air and are still on cloud 9.  It feels like you’ll never come off this high; the high of being in love. You get married and life seems so beautiful filled with so much love that you feel like you might burst from all the happiness.  Soon your life is filled with even more love and happiness when your child enters your life.  
Life starts taking over.  You get busy raising your child and your husband’s career is taking off as he moves up the career ladder.  He works long hours to provide you and your children with a comfortable life.  And somewhere along the way all the romance fizzled out and your life became more about payments, mortgages, diapers, school, doctor’s appointments etc.  In other words, life happened and it feels like it swallowed you up in the process because you don’t recognize the person in the mirror anymore.  What happened to the woman with dreams of her future, her smile and her laughter?  It isn’t that your wife doesn’t have everything she needs and wants; she has a beautiful home, lovable children, clothes, jewellery etc, it is something else that she has missed along the way.  But what is it?  Perhaps she doesn’t even know because as women, whether they are aware of it or not, they are conditioned to feel grateful for all they have in their life.  So, when she discovers, that although from the outside her life looks perfect, she is experiencing what all women experience, which is a depression, moreover a depression she feels guilty about because anybody would call her selfish or any other word since she apparently has everything she needs and wants.  
But, for you as her husband, it can be difficult to see her spirits failing and feeling at a loss as to what to do.  Do not despair, because, with just a little bit of thought and effort, you can easily solve her subdued personality by getting her out of the house and getting her doing something just for herself that she loves. For example, if your wife was in the IT field before, she can enroll in cloud computing classes in pune or graphic designing courses in pune and get certified in a specific area, which might spark the life to enter back into her, by embracing who she was, not a mother or wife, but the woman.  Or perhaps your wife might like to Learn Something New that enhances or allows her the opportunity to discover her creativity by joining or even dance Classes in pune or music classes in pune. It really depends on how well you know the woman you love and what she would love doing or learning.  So, instead of giving her material things, gift her something that will stay with her forever, a new skill or ability.  This will bring her back to life by getting her out of the house and rejoining the world by living life again, a life she loves living because she is present once again in her life.  Once this re-discovery happens, you will find the woman you fell in love with, a woman who will be grateful to you for saving her from her depression.  
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It's a mirror to every women , very touchy