What Are You Getting or Avoiding By Keeping Busy? Posted By Nitya

What Are You Getting or Avoiding By Keeping Busy?
On some days, when I can find the time, I like to go and visit my neighbours and just sit and chat and catch up about nothing in particular.  I have heard repeatedly the same thing from many different people about how they don’t like to be still or idle.  They prefer to stay busy so that they don’t have time to dwell on things that happen during the day, like maybe an ill comment made by somebody they know, for example.  If they had the time to sit and think about it, then they tend to dwell on it and this scares them.  Why should being alone with your thoughts or being idle cause so much uneasiness among so many people?      
I remember when I was younger, I used to be the same way. I never paid too much attention to what I was feeling inside, but rather brushed it aside since I was busy living life.  One day I happen to stumble across a class for pranayama and I joined it.  I still practice it today.  But since starting pranayama, I found out how much lay hidden deep within me, which was the cause of my abrupt mood changes, reactive behaviors etc.  I would always look upon these situations and wonder why I behaved in such a way.  The reason was, I was never responding to the situation in front of me, but rather reacting to the present circumstance based on an old wound inflicted by someone else.  So for example, if you when you were younger and a classmate happened to call you stupid, that pain from your younger self would still be deep inside your subconscious. So today, as an adult, if a co-worker were to call you stupid, you would react as the child that couldn’t react all those years ago. But as an adult today, if somebody did call you stupid, you would probably pay no attention to them and respond differently, if that word did not inflict any wounds inside you.  
So it isn’t a matter of being busy and working that is the attraction for many people. The reason the world is in a mad rush, I believe, is because they are afraid to see themselves and face any wounds they might encounter and how it makes them feel about themselves. You might just think you are in fact stupid, because some cruel kid in school said that to you.  If you were to look back on it and come to realize today that you are a talented individual and that what happened was just kids being kids, then that word would no longer have power over you.  But this self-awareness does not happen with just practicing pranayama daily because once I started doing pranayama, I started to naturally drift towards yoga and meditation. The combination of these things revealed to me, who I was and the things stopping me from becoming who I wanted to be.  It was not somebody or something on the outside, but my own deeply repressed feelings and emotions from all these years.  So don’t be in a rush to escape yourself by being busy, but rather learn to see yourself and you will learn that your life can be filled with real contentment and joy.  

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