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Weekends To Awaken Your Life
You work hard all week, in a job that demands so much of your attention, that by the time you come home in the evenings, you are exhausted and just want to crash.  But of course you can’t.  You have a family that needs your attention as well.  So you work all day and then come home and spend whatever time is remaining with your spouse, children, parents etc., and then you have your dinner and fall asleep into a coma like slumber.  This is your routine during the weekdays.  So by the time the weekend comes, all you can think of is crashing at home in front of the TV or just eating and sleeping.  Life seems to be a dull routine, which leaves you feeling exhausted and bored, no matter how you look at it.  Yes, you are blessed with a job, a great family, a roof over your head, more than enough money to meet your needs and wants, but still there has to be more to life than this, right?

What happened?
What is missing in our lives that leaves us feeling empty?  What is it that we need to do to enjoy life?  Our childhood years were filled with so much fun and adventure.  You couldn’t wait to grow up so that you could experience more of the world. But somewhere along the line, that got lost.  What did we lose?  When did life lose its colour and become dull?  The answer, my friend, is simple.  You forgot yourself.  You have forgotten to put yourself first because unless you are present in your life, you are just going through life on auto-pilot.  So, now the question is how do you re-join life?

What Can I Do?
What made our childhood years great?  You did stuff.  If you wanted to play a sport, you did it.  If you wanted to make sand castles, you did that also. If you wanted to learn horse riding, you did that.  You did everything you wanted to do or could do, which is why you were happy.  So, start doing what you want to do, by first looking at what interests you have.  What kind of things do you desire to learn, that have been left unfulfilled?  So, once you figure out what it is that you want to learn or develop a skill for, find the classes where you can learn it.  So, for example, if you have always wanted to learn karate, just do a search and find karate classes in your area.  Or better yet, there are portals, such as classboatthat have classes listed for every kind of hobby or skill you wish to learn. 

How Will Hobby Classes Help Me?
By taking the time for yourself and doing what makes you happy, you will be a happier person.  Your weekend is no longer about just crashing, eating and sleeping. No, they are about you, a few hours to indulge in yourself by doing something you want and getting lost in your painting class, for example.  When you take the time for yourself, you will find yourself filled with energy that didn’t exist before.  Your weekdays are no longer dull and boring, because you have made time for yourself on the weekends.  You will have the energy to make it through your demanding work week and also have time to give your family, time you will happily share with them, instead of feeling tired and too exhausted to participate in your home life.  Bring joy back in to your life, the same joy you felt as a child, by doing whatever it is that peaks your interest and awakens that same childlike curiosity for playful learning.

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