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Turn On The Third Brain with Mid Brain Activation Program
Brain is the most sensitive organ in the human body connected with all senses i.e. Skin, Eyes, Ears, Nose and Tongue. We are so much depended upon our eyes that we fail to utilize other senses. Do we know about more senses in Human Body which are unexplored?

Really? What are those? How to explore them?

You must be bothering with these questions reading the initials of this page.

The unexplored senses in our body are Hunger sensor, Respiratory rate sensor, High Blood Sugar Sensor, Excretion Sensor, Pain Sensor, Temperature Sensor and many more in the queue.  

In general, we all know that there are two hemispheres in Human Brain i.e. Left and Right which help in letting the person behave depending upon the criteria of each respectively. People having Left one active are logical, systematic and analytical in thinking, while those with active Right are creative, emotional and intuitive in nature.

Inside the Brain, there is a section called the Inter Brain/Mid Brain/Third Brain which lies in between the two hemispheres. How does this works?

There are several workshops and training held to awaken or activate the Third Brain, which are usually for kids because the right age to activate the Mid Brain is between 5 to 15 years.

Have you ever seen any child sensing the visual properties, without actually touching them? Or Reading a Book or identifying colors Blindfolded?

 It seems Impossible Right? Wrong!!

Mid Brain activation program, the most popular course these days helps the child to: *Explore the hidden potential through radical training, Improve the capabilities of Human Brain,

* Enhances absorption skills, Regulates Emotional Stability, claims to help develop intuition.  

*Results in super memory, high concentration and focus, Greater control. *Super sensory perception & speed reading, Identify numbers, colors & alphabets blind folded.

* This program includes various methods and techniques like sound waves and music, alpha waves or blind folded recognition technique.

At some centers, Parenting sessions are also conducted to teach their children at home.    Engage your child in this BRAIN GYM with CLASSBOAT and let him become Genius. Sign Up with CLASS BOAT today and join your nearest Mid Brain Activities workshop or course.

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