The View From Up In The Air Posted By Anu

The View From Up In The Air
The dream of flying has long been an ambition of mankind.  With the invention of the aircraft, this dream was realized.  But it is not exactly the same experience as flying like a bird, is it?  Imagine what a bird must see as it flies high above us in the skies.  How miniature everything must seem?  But of course, if you have ever been on a plane, you know what I am saying.  From up in the air, it all seems so insignificant. Our perspectives, of the small piece of land we occupy and fret about, change when we see the vastness of the land below us and how small a city really is.  With so much of the Earth’s surface, still virgin and clear of mankind’s imprints.  
Now, imagine soaring through the skies, that are also untouched by humans and still the same as they were millions of years ago.  Paragliding offers us this freedom.  To soar in the sky, using a simple nylon wing, which you strap yourself into, and take off just as a bird would.  Standing on the highest peak of a mountain, run a few steps for take-off and leap off the mountain and simply let go, with no fear, just the thrill and wonder of it all in your heart.  The first time you take flight and look down upon the world with a bird’s eye view, imagine the feelings that might rush thru you.  The unpolluted wind in your hair, the warmth of the sun on your face, and definitely no traffic jams.  As you soar high above the world and get a true taste of freedom.  There can be no better feeling than experiencing complete weightlessness, while safely strapped in your paraglider.
So, before you go and start soaring through the skies, just like a bird, take a few lessons, and learn the basics and safety precautions that you will need to take.  With your foundation in place, start exploring the world from up in the air and get a unique perspective of the beautiful land we live on, that very few have had the chance to gaze upon.  Experience beauty and freedom as you soar through the sky.  

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