The Unspoken Qualifications You Need To Have To Get The Job You Want (part1) Posted By Nandini C

The Unspoken Qualifications You Need To Have To Get The Job You Want (part1)
For the person out there searching for a job, he/she knows how difficult and competitive the job market is.  It is no longer enough just to have your educational qualifications.  Employers seem to be looking for something more in their candidates and many of the job seekers out in the market, are aware this hidden qualification that employers are looking out for, exists.  But, what is that extra something that these employers are looking for and how can you attain it?  What is this unspoken qualification they seek?
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If you are sincere about landing that dream job, then you will have to be ready to make an investment in yourself.  This investment is for educating yourself in the extra skills employers are seeking.  But making this initial investment, need not frighten you because once you obtain these skills, you have a much better chance of landing that job you want, which will multiply the return on your initial investment, by opening the doors to getting a higher salary package.  The kinds of skills you can learn by enrolling in these special classes are:  
    Personality Development 
  • Image Building
  • Confidence
    Soft Skills 
  • Listening
  • Communication
Personality Development Classes In Pune
Getting your foot in the door of an MNC company means having the personality for it.  Having the personality they require doesn’t have to put a dent into your wallet.  You can have the style and personality they seek within your budget.  It may sound unbelievable, but that is the truth and you can learn this in personality development classes in pune.  Learning to build your image means being confident in who you are, as you are.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a branded Park Avenue outfit, for example, you simply need to be dressed in a neat and clean look, which oozes out confidence.  By learning to dress sharply within your budget and being comfortable with who you are, your confidence will shine through from within in, regardless of whether you are sporting the latest brands and trends.  A person dressed from head to toe in the latest styles may not have the confidence that you have, giving you the competitive advantage over the other.  

Soft Skills Training – Listening Skills
Creating a terrific first impression is the first step to developing the skills employers are seeking.  A skill that you might think you know but need to Develop in Your Listening Skills . We all think we know how to listen, but how many of us are actually paying attention in a conversation.  We are usually thinking of a response to what the person is saying instead of listening and because of this we often misunderstand or miss key pieces of information being conveyed to us.  When we don’t practice the art of listening, we not only miss pieces of information but miss out on the non verbal signals being passed in mannerisms and body language.  By not using all we have available to us, this is how misunderstandings and miscommunications occur.  By Learning to Listen Effectively you will find that many potential problems or incidents in the workplace can be avoided.  If you learn to listen to what the person is saying with his/her words and the signals being transmitted through their body language and mannerisms, you will understand what message they are trying to convey, ensuring you respond accurately.  This means the chances of misunderstandings are reduced significantly, thereby negating the chances of reactions from your part, which would have been based on a misunderstanding due to lack of effective listening habits. (end of part 1)

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