The Unspoken Job Qualifications (Part 2) Posted By Raghav

The Unspoken Job Qualifications (Part 2)
Having great communication skills is the other side of the same coin.  Listening and communicating go hand in hand because if you do not practice effective listening, how can you communicate appropriately.  Most people either fall into the aggressive communicator or passive communicator roles.  It is very rare to find an assertive communicator. 

Types Of Communicators

An aggressive communicator is one who gets angry, shouts and blames others instead of taking responsibility for their actions.  The passive communicator is a person who behaves like a doormat and allows everybody else to control them and walk all over them.  They rarely ever speak up for themselves and assert their position, their feelings or thoughts.  Both of these types of communicators will make the working environment stressful and unproductive.  Learning to be an assertive communicator means listening to what is being said and responding in a logical and clear manner.  Moreover, it means asserting your beliefs and thoughts in a clam tone backed with logical reasoning if you disagree with management.  This type of communication will be beneficial for both you and your co-workers.  You will not feel yourself drained of energy and the chances of your message being heard are significantly higher using this method.  A person who can assertively communicate is one who is confident in themselves and their abilities.

English Communication Skills

In addition to soft skills and personality development classes another essential skill you must possess is English speaking skills.  The ability to speak English is a skill many employers seek out because the advent of the internet and globalization has made English as the default language of communication throughout the world.  You need not be as fluent as a native speaker, but you need to display that you can understand and respond, if the situation calls for it.  However, your skills in communication will prove to be more valuable here whether you speak in English or your native tongue because you will need to express yourself effectively.  Join personality development classes in pune and english classes in pune

So if you are among the individuals wondering why you are not getting the job you want in the company you want, then perhaps you need to invest in yourself first and get trained in these special skills first.  Enrol in a few classes and get trained in communication, listening, personality development and English and see if it makes the difference in landing the job you want.  But remember, you must have the first basic qualification, which is your technical knowledge.    
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