The Simple Beauty Of Grandfathers With Their Granddaughters Posted By Anu

The Simple Beauty Of Grandfathers With Their Granddaughters
I’m standing by my window at my flat, which overlooks the children’s playground down below. There I see a little girl with her grandfather.  I have known her for the past one and a half years.  Her grandparents would place her into the stroller and take her for a walk around the society daily when I would go for my walks. Today, she is walking.  She is sitting in the sandbox, making food for her grandfather to eat, which he pretends to and then throws away, since it is sand after all.  It is a beautiful sight to see, especially when I have had such a tough day.  It eases my tensions and puts the smile back on my face.  It reminds me that there is still goodness and beauty in the world that is available for us to see if we are ready to look.
But that is the thing, isn’t it?  We spend so much time fussing, getting angry and being busy about the things happening in our lives, that we simply don’t see what the universe is trying to show us.  Instead, we run to classes on how to manage stress, manage anger, time management and all kinds of classes for managing our lives.  But when was the last time you simply relaxed into the scene of a little girl playing with her grandfather and let the beauty of that innocence and tenderness melt away your anxieties?  Why is it most people cannot see what is right in front of their face?  What are they running after?  What little insignificant thing has got them all worked up in anger, exhaustion, and frustration?  So, maybe you had a fight with your co-worker or somebody cut you off on the way home from the office, is it really worth losing your cool over?  But people do.
So, take a good look at yourself and the reasons for the stress in your life and re-evaluate what is important to you and your values and goals for life.  Stop paying attention to the mundane insignificant details and open your eyes to see the other side, which is filled with beauty, warmth, and love, waiting for you, to fill you with peace and contentment.  So, take a look outside your window and see what is there waiting for you, that has the power to turn that frown on your face upside down.    

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