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The Secret Of Successful People
Learning isn’t something that stops when you get your degree from college. It is a lifelong process.  In order to be successful in your career and life, one needs to constantly learn and expand their mind.  Imagine if we had stopped learning, would we have everything we have today, technological, scientific and academic advancements? 

Every successful person spends an average of 2-3 hours daily learning something new.  This brings us to the three types of learning:

1.    Maintenance Learning – This is basically being aware of what is going on in the world and keeping up with current affairs.  
It may have no relevance to your life, but it is essential to know what is going on in the world.

2.    Growth Learning – This is probably the most important, for this is the type of learning where you add to your skill set or knowledge.  Learn something new by taking classes and develop a new skill to expand the mind.  This is vital because by learning something new and adding to your knowledge and talent, your mind becomes capable of thinking of things and understanding things that you previously could not.  Some of the best thinkers and inventors came up with their best ideas by continuing to constantly learn.
3.    Shock Learning – As it sounds, you learn something shocking that you didn’t know before or it changes your opinion or understanding of something you thought you knew. 

So, continue your evolution as a human by continuing your education by adding to your knowledge and developing new skills. Start a new hobby today, such as photography or learn salsa dancing. The choices are endless. Browse  With so many rules and regulations in our lives, learning is one thing that has no limits.  Start learning something new and discover the heights it can take you to.  


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