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The Secret Of Life
Did you know the number one regret of people in their old age or on their death bed is, they wished they had spent more time with their family and doing what they love, instead of working so hard.   Working so hard to earn money that they never enjoyed.   Money, that we earn so that we can live. But are we really living?  Or are we just keeping busy to never ask ourselves the question, to reflect on our lives?  The phrase “I’m too busy living to think about life”.  What does that even mean? 

What Are We Running After?                
If you want to look back on your life and feel like you didn’t live at all, then keep running.  Keep running after money, travelling, career changes, countless activities for your children… Sounds like a full life, doesn’t it?  But then why are such people, when asked, “How they are?”, reply that they are unhappy, frustrated, and tired with no time to think or enjoy anything fully.  So, why do we do this?  The answer is simple, it is the definition of so-called “success”, that society has driven into our heads.  Who are these “others”?  Whose rules are you living by?

So, What Matters?
So, ask yourself this – Are you in a job you love?  Is your job in line with your own values?  Do you make the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour?  First of all, if you are in a job that you do not love, chances are, it is not in line with your values, which is the cause of your unhappiness.  Second, do you even know what you love to do?  What are your hobbies/interests? 

What Do I Do?
There is no need to quit your job and completely throw your life out of whack.  A simple solution– make your life more about you and less about your job.  Give yourself first preference, be the star of your own life.  We all, as children, have had dreams of being rock stars, dancers, etc.   In reality, however, very few of us make it.  Does that mean we have to give up the things that brought us joy?  Can you only enjoy music, if you are a musician?  The answer, of course, is No.  

Put Yourself First
Make time and spend that time doing what you love.  If you have always wanted to learn the guitar, then do that, take guitar classes in pune. If you love to dance, then take a dance class or a photography class, or a gardening class.  Anything that you’ve always dreamt of learning, but didn’t.  Take the time out of your life and spend it learning and doing what interests you, because by doing that you will find that your life is suddenly filled with more laughter and joy.  And why is that?  The reason is simple.  You changed.  You changed your life, your priorities and put yourself first. By doing this, you will be able to give yourself and your attention to your family and friends.  You will want to share your happiness and joy and who better to share it with than those you love.  

So rearrange your life just a little bit.  Be selfish!  Do whatever interests you.  Start living, by simply taking a hobby class of your choice. Browse for the classes offered in your area.

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