The Question That Changed My Life Posted By Mayuri

The Question That Changed My Life
It all started a number of years ago, when one day, I went to my regular restaurant to get my dinner, after work.  The waiter, who knew me well as a regular customer, all of a sudden out of the blue, asked me, if I was happy?  It was the strangest thing.  I completely froze.  I had no answer to give him, my mouth was just hanging open and I knew I should say, Yes, I’m happy, but nothing came out.  It was the first time, I think, that somebody asked me. People ask, “How are you?” all the time, but nobody comes up to you and asks, “Are you happy?”  That was a crossroads moment for me, in my life.                   

When I was a little girl, my mom would be on my back all the time, about learning to cook so that I could cook for my own family one day.  But I was never interested in cooking.  I did, however, love baking.  I’ve always made the most softest and delicious chocolate cakes.  People would ask me at my office all the time to bake those cakes for their birthdays.  I never seriously thought about it and happily baked my chocolate cakes for them, which were always well received. 

After the incident at the restaurant, however, I started thinking about it, and realized I’ve always had people ask me the secret to my cakes and I never had an answer for them.  To me it was simple, mix the flour, eggs, butter and chocolate and Voila, a Cake.  But of course, there is more to it.  Otherwise everybody would be able to make delicious cakes like me.   So, I placed advertisements around the neighborhood and placed an ad in the local newspaper, for cake baking classes.  It started slowly, and I could teach no more than 2 or 3 at a time because I was doing it out of my own kitchen. It was a nice part time job.  And my life was no longer dull and boring.  My job was still the same, but I was doing something else outside of work, just for me, that was bringing joy to my life. The longer I did these part time classes, the more I was tempted to expand and rent a kitchen so that I could teach more students, not just cakes but everything from cookies, biscuits, breads etc.  So, I started saving up the money from the baking classes and took a courageous step forward, quit my job and started baking classes full time.                 

It was not an overnight success, but slow and steady with lots of hard work, which eventually led to me opening my own bakery, where I now employ a handful of employees.  But I still teach part time so that others could also learn what brought such joy to my world and eventually changed my life.  And it all started with somebody asking me, “Are you happy?”  Perhaps, you don’t need to wait for somebody to ask you.  Why not start small like I did and teach your hobbies and see where it takes you.  Good luck!

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Ritu Tangri
Ritu Tangri23 July 2016
This is my childhood dream to hold cookery class. Once I tried even. but didn't receive good response, so got demoralized and left. This is making me restless as whenever I get a querry for the cooking class and I have to say no, I feel very bad about it.