The Paralympics Can Teach You Lessons About What Kind Of Person You Are Posted By Anu

The Paralympics Can Teach You Lessons About What Kind Of Person You Are
Mariyappan Thangavelu has become a household name.  Yesterday, nobody had heard of him and today with a gold medal under his belt from the Paralympics, he has become a national treasure.  His road to victory, though paved with struggles, was cushioned by beautiful people who helped him along his journey, placing him in the position he is in today.  Hearing about inspiring stories such as his, makes you realize the importance of guiding and supporting the children and youth of this country. The government, as we all know, is not going to help much, though it may seem like it on paper. It is because of the kindness of individuals, we get to hear about stories as Mariyappan’s.  Moreover, the millionaires and billionaires of this country have very little care for the common man.  They hold on tight to their purse strings and do nothing in return for their country or their fellow mankind, and if they do it is only a fraction of what they can actually afford to spend.  So, how can we the common folk help each other out and ensure the children and youth of the country get what they need to succeed and hopefully remember those who helped them and pay it forward to those they come across in their lives, who need a helping hand just as the one they were offered by strangers.  
There are two kinds of people in the world, the helping kind and the ones that say “why should I”?  Regardless of whether life has been kind or not, you can fall into one of three categories, the kind that knows how hard life can be and therefore, wishes to help others in similar situations and then the other kind are those who say “I suffered, so you should also suffer, just like I did” and offer no support or help.  Then there is the worst kind of person, those who throw everything they have and can think of, to block your success and happiness.  This kind of person has no interest in seeing you succeed and becoming happy because they are miserable themselves and cannot stand others who seem to be happy or getting there.  
As parents, teachers, functioning members of society, as human beings, what category do you fit into?  Are you here to help others or not?  Do you simply watch while others around you are struggling?  Or do you belong to the worst category, as the most despicable human who trashes others success, tries to bring them down, rains on their sunny day and does everything to make them feel like they are nothing?  

Try to help people, if not at the very least do not obstruct their path, moreover, do not fall into the category of people who seem to find pleasure in making others suffer.  Do your part and help the children and youth of our country explore their interests and hobbies  so that they can discover where their potential lies.  Guide them in the direction that best suits their goals for life by placing them in classes that will most benefit their lives.  If you cannot spend money to help another human being out, then at the very least spend the time to nurture their talents and abilities.  

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