The Only Basic Medium to Communicate – LANGUAGE Posted By Virat

The Only Basic Medium to Communicate – LANGUAGE
“Apani kemana Achena?” Sorry I don’t understand what you said !  Oh Sorry, I thought you understand Bengali, I was just asking “How are you?”.  At least, once in a lifetime, we gradually go through such situation where we meet a person belonging to different caste or city. Whether we meet a foreigner or people from different culture, only language helps in expressing the words or feelings.

But what when we don’t understand what other is person is trying to say. We try to express with sign language or other symbols. India is a country where thousands of languages are being spoken together, where mother tongue is Hindi, Universal language English at professional front is also followed along with their respective language such as Marathi, Bengali Kannad, Tamil, Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujrati.

Professionally in India, English is the basic language spoken over all. Trends have been changed these days, with the involvement and adaption of western culture and increasing export and import with different countries, roaming World Wide, scholars are getting inclined towards foreign languages. French, German,Spanish ,Chinese and Japanese are getting common in India these days. There are many options available for german classes in punefrench classes in pune, and spanish classes in pune.

Even NASA, is trying to adapt Sanskrit as programming language for artificial Intelligence. Indian languages are not left behind; Schools are offering Indian Languages as compulsory subject and foreign language as optional or compulsory one depending to make students aware of foreign culture. so enroll in japanese classes in pune or chinese classes in pune to learn a new language.

We should start such practices to let our children learn different Indian and foreign languages.

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