The One Thing You Must Learn Before You Start Your Adventure Posted By Swapnali

The One Thing You Must Learn Before You Start Your Adventure
There are groups of corporate workers all across India, who meet once a month and go trekking, hiking and camping all across India.  They spend every month looking forward to these adventures they go on.  The places they go to you cannot find in any tour guide book.  They go to places with no hotels and restaurants and sleep under the stars or if they are lucky in some kind person’s home.  Remote villages and forests across India that nobody has heard of or set foot in.  They visit forests that are exactly the same as they were thousands of years ago.  Places with no city lights to diminish the magnificent night sky filled with millions of bright stars.  A night sky that is impossible to see in any metro or urban city.  
So, maybe you are not brave enough like them, but you can leave the comforts of your city/region and see more of the world.  Forget the world even, just see more of this great country.  India is filled with diverse cultures, languages, and people.  By staying in your own little city, you are preventing your own growth.  The world has so much to offer and there are so many places and people to see and meet.  Just step outside of your home and visit the next state and you will find a new language, culture, and people, entirely different from what you are used to.  People who will happily help you, if you need it.  People who will welcome you into their homes, feed you and offer you a place to spend the night if you need it.  By exploring your own country, you will enrich your life and build life experiences that will shape and develop your character.  A life that is, at present, less than, because you have not taken the opportunity to see all the things that there are to see and learn from.  

Before you head out to see what this country has to offer, take a few language lessons so that you can communicate to the people of that region.  If you live in Andhra, take some Marathi lessons and explore all the things Maharashtra has to offer, with its own rich culture, kind people and unique foods.  Or If you are living in Maharashtra right now, take Telegu language lessons and visit your bordering state and see the difference in their way of life and culture.  Once, you realize how much there is to see and learn from, continue your life education, learn another Indian language and visit Calcutta perhaps or Chennai.  Travel across your own country and then gather the courage to travel outside your borders and see the world.  But before you start your adventure, learn the language of the place you are visiting, just to make things a little easier on yourself and also because it will help you in communicating to the beautiful people of the region you visit.  Learn what they have to tell you about their lives, their land, and their culture.  Enrich your life by learning new languages so that you can travel to new places and discover new horizons to explore.

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