The Fresher Dilemma Posted By Amit Giri

The Fresher Dilemma
It’s not only now a days, it’s been happening since ages, the knee-jerks are always there dominating the mass crowd of fresher. Many fresher go for job depending upon their friend’s suggestion or choice. Even they go under training likewise. We human are now advanced in many sectors with the help of Technology, Science & no doubt... Education. However, education is yet not converting the most percentage of fresher into productive resources once they complete their academics. These knee-jerks are yet following the typical trend of education and searching jobs to earn money like all others do.
Their dreams are big and getting bigger and bigger with the new age, but efforts and approach are still outdated. Now simple academics are not helping fresher to get job easily until and unless they are product of top colleges or institutes. They have to go under some professional training or higher education to get earnings.
Hereby we would like to share one example of Oracle ERP. The problem with fresher is they don’t have even heard about ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Whenever, we say Oracle, they think of only DBA & SQL or PL/SQL -visit sql classes in puneand the story ends here. They don’t know about the potential of technology and job prospects of Oracle ERP/Apps. We try to make them understand, but still they are stringent and stuck to DBA or Developer things. Find oracle classes in pune on classboat.
Seeing the competition, we feel getting job in Oracle Apps is easier than other two. We wish all those who want to make career in Oracle should know about ERP as well. Get oracle training in pune. There is a huge lack of awareness and information about it. We are not here to do only business, we are here to make your career and not only job.

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