The Enemy Clock In The Exam Room Posted By Amit

The Enemy Clock In The Exam Room
Sitting in a classroom, the exam paper staring back at you and beads of sweat pouring down your neck, which you wipe with your handkerchief as you look at the clock and notice that thirty minutes has already passed, which felt like a minute to you.  You start to panic and your mind becomes totally empty as you forget everything you studied.  By this point, your handkerchief is soaking wet and the clock shows that an hour has passed and you have yet to write even your name on the exam paper.  
We have all been in this situation at some point in our lives while taking some form of an exam.  And taking competitive exams is no different, maybe even more stressful as your life depends on the results of these exams. Whether you are appearing for a college entrance exam or government job exam, the pressure can be overwhelming if you are not prepared and even then the anxiety lingers till you see the results.  I remember writing exams and I have two different sets of memories for taking exams.  Early in my high school days, I would not study properly nor prepare for the exams, which naturally made me nervous and kept me up the night before.  The next set of memories I have of taking exams is vastly different.  As I started taking my academics more seriously, I started studying for my exams and preparing with previous test papers and I found that on the day of the exam I was considerably less nervous and less stress-ridden, for I knew I had prepared and knew the answers. So I was not afraid of failing. Of course, there was a little bit of nervousness, the hope that I would do well, which is a normal level of stress, the positive kind.  
So, the key element to taking any exam is the confidence you develop from the preparation for the exam.  And if you are taking competitive exams, then there are hundreds of coaching centers all around the city that can help you through this challenging and important stage in your life.  You don’t have to sit alone and try to learn everything yourself.  You can get guidance, tips, techniques, and practice exams while learning amongst others also taking the same exams, whom you can lean on for support and encouragement.  So, the best way you can overcome the tension of writing your exams is to be well prepared and this preparation is what will give you confidence and calm to write the exam easily, without looking at the clock anxiously. 

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Pereira15 July 2017
tenho navegando na internet mais de três horas por noite , e eu nunca tinha descoberto um artigo tão interessante como o seu blog. parabéns, parabenizo pelo seu dedicação na elaboração do seu artigo