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The Chinese Don’t Speak Chinese
Chinese fried rice, Chinese noodles, Chinese soups, and other Chinese foods have taken over India.  We love Chinese food and this is evident in the many little roadside shops and restaurants that offer Chinese food.  As rich and delicious as the dishes of this land, so is the language, which has as many dialects.  The standard language recognized by China as its main is Mandarin, but Cantonese is also another popular language which is widely spoken.  

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China is the most populated country in the world with over 1.2 billion people.  Globalization of the world economy has created a need where knowing more than one language is necessary if you are to be successful in your business or career. Learning another language also means opening yourself to their customs and traditions.  A country rich in tradition and simplicity but also plagued by a dark history as well. 

In recent years, the people of China have started moving out of their country and opening their doors to the outside world, in which many businesses have chosen to walk through.  Learning any new language can be difficult, but with the right motivation and qualified teachers, the learning curve can be much shorter and fruitful.  Learning to speak like a native speaker, with everyday conversations and slang's will help you learn faster and make it easier.  But when you are learning a language it is wise to learn about the people and cultures as well so that you do not unknowingly offend them when you are abroad for your business purpose, which might cost you dearly.  So, take advantage of the chinese classes in pune and open your hearts and minds to this ancient language that will drive your future success in business.  

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