Tell Your Story Through Kathak Dance Posted By Priya

Tell Your Story Through Kathak Dance
What Opera is to the Italians and Bharatanatyam is to the southern states, Kathak is to the northern states.  A visual arts form that tells a story using your body through dance.  With its origins in devotion and religion, it soon became a part of court culture during the medieval period, behind palace walls for the Persian Kings and Muslim Moghuls.  Thereby, evolving into a dance comprising of both Hindu and Muslim elements.  Using the whole body to tell a story using graceful footwork, demure eye movements, elegant hand gestures and powerful facial expressions.  Book a demo at kathak dance class in pune.
A beautiful, traditional Indian dance that you can learn that will transform your way of life.  A dance where every little movement is significant, keeping your rooted in the present moment so that you are completely focused on that intricate and delicate hand gesture that you are performing.  Discover how much more graceful your regular life becomes as you move around doing your ordinary activities with a profound gentleness.  
A dance to undertake and learn for those devoted and passionate about dancing.  This form of dance, Kathak, if mastered, will enable the dancer to invoke powerful emotions through simple expressions and gestures.  A student of Kathak that possesses a readiness and dedication will learn to hear the music in the silence between the beats and rhythms.  A dance form that can take you to the depths of silence as you perform, starting with delicate footwork, hand gestures and facial expressions and then slowly increasing the rhythm and tempo so that you become capable of telling a thousand powerful and emotional stories.  Visit to find best kathak dance class in pune.
A dance style to learn for those eager students who can’t seem to stop their feet or quench their thirst for dance.  Learn Kathak and become a skilled and talented artist.  An artist that tells stories through dance.      

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