Talented People Hiding Under Your Nose Posted By Amit

Talented People Hiding Under Your Nose
Owning a car can be quite expensive. I’m not talking about petrol prices or car payments, but the amount of cash you have to shell out of your wallet, whenever something goes wrong with your car.  My first car was a beautiful black Nissan.  I loved my car and took really good care of it. After some time, things would go wrong, which is normal for cars. But the amount of cash I had to pay the mechanic left a huge hole in my wallet.
It was during one of these moments, a friend of mine told me about a guy he knew, who fixed cars in his spare time. He wasn’t listed anywhere and the only way you ever found about him was through word of mouth. So I got his phone number and called him.  I told him how my friend recommended him and the problem with my car.  He told me stop by the next evening and that he would have a look at my car.  I drove up to his house the following day and he was a nice, older man, around his 50’s, who really knew his cars.  He said he would fix it and that he would charge for the parts and a nominal labor fee. The total cost of the repair, including labor, was going to cost me only 25% of what I would’ve had to pay had I gone to a mechanic shop.  Of course, I agreed and I have been going to him ever since, regardless of what needed to be done for my car.  Whether I needed an oil change, a regular tune up or any other major breakdowns, he is my car guy.

There are thousands of people, skilled people hiding within plain sight in your neighborhood, that you would never know out about, unless somebody tells you.  A person you walk past in your neighborhood might have a hidden talent that nobody knows about. Imagine if these people were listed somewhere so that you can meet them and learn what they have to teach. The skill/talent that comes naturally to them or perhaps they spent years developing it.  So, if you have a talent/skill that perhaps you never thought twice about.  Think again, there is probably a person out there wanting to learn what you know.  Discover the joys of teaching and the feeling of accomplishment that will fill you when your student learns what you have to share.  There is no greater joy, than seeing understanding dawning upon the faces of your students.  So, why not reach out to those people and share your knowledge and let your talent continue with others.  Leave a legacy of your talent for future generations to enjoy in as well.

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