Tabla Lessons To Awaken The Inside Out Posted By Sheetal

Tabla Lessons To Awaken The Inside Out
Watch a movie from any country and you will find the background music score has the tabla in it.  The tabla or versions of it, date back as far 500 BC.  Go to any ancient temple or ruins and you will find amongst the sculptures or depictions, a person playing the tabla and a dancer dancing to the music.  An instrument that complements our traditional dances of Kathak and Bharatanatyam perfectly.
Today, we have famous tabla players such as Ustad Zakir Hussain, who go on tours of percussion instruments around the world, with other talented tabla players.  This, traditional instrument that is usually known for being used in Classical Indian music has been given a facelift and is being used by remix artists, DJ’s, in rap and much more.  An instrument that is changing with the times and gaining popularity all over the world.
What is it about this instrument that seems to have people captivated?  A drum beat, the most powerful beat that rings somewhere deep within us and awakens something, almost primal.  Even before we are born, we are introduced to the beats of the drum, in the form of our mother’s heartbeat.  This memory gets awakened every time we hear those same beats from the tabla, which makes us want to dance or at the very least, tap our feet along with the music.  
I have been to many music concerts and I have never been able to keep still, whenever I have heard the tabla or any other percussion instrument.  The most powerful beats, all coming from just the way the player uses his hands to hit the tabla, is enough to leave anybody enchanted.  Just take a tabla class and you will know what it is I am saying.  You can learn how to create the most powerful and ancient beats of music all by using your hands.  So, if you are looking to awaken the musician inside you, join a tabla class and you will not only awaken your own musical talents but also awaken the dance that is inside each and every one of us.

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Regina Gilmore
Regina Gilmore18 March 2021
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