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Swimming, KungFu Panda And Zen
Swimming is a natural ability we are all born with.  We spent the first nine months of our lives in our mother’s womb surrounded by water and if a baby is born underwater, as more parents are choosing this method for delivery, he/she will continue to swim, as it is familiar to them.  The transition from womb to the world is easy and simple.  But as we age, we develop a fear of water and thus learning to swim can be somewhat a frightful experience, but easily overcome with the right instructor and guidance.  
You may know swimming in general as a form of exercise is good for your health.  But did you know that by learning to swim, you will experience many health benefits such as: 
  • Reduces stress by releasing endorphins (natural chemicals in our body that make us happy)
  • Improves flexibility of muscles
  • Strengthens your lungs
  • Reduces chances of heart disease
  • Burns more calories than other forms of exercise
  • Less painful than other exercise routines since our body is 90% water – the water supports your body weight.  
So, get over your fears, if you have any, of the water and learn to swim by enrolling in a swimming class.  Initially, when you get in the water, you will splash around making a lot of noise and fighting with the water before you learn to float.  Once you regain that trust with the water by floating, you can then learn the backstroke, butterfly, doggy paddle and much more.  Once you learn these swimming styles, take it a step further and learn to glide and flow with the water when you swim.  Even as you are learning you can master this technique of flowing with the water and not against it.  Let me explain it to you, since you must be confused.  There is a graceful method to swimming, just as there is to dance or playing an instrument.  When you swim you can make a lot of noise when your hands and feet connect with the water, or you can glide in the water, using the water to propel you forward, thereby using less of your energy and not tiring out quicker.  As the Zen proverbs states, “flow with the water, not against it”.  Co-operate with the water, and you will find that when your hands touch the water and if your touch is gentle, then the water will push you further along.  You will be able to swim longer and farther by flowing with the water and gracefully swimming, rather than just swimming and making a lot of noise during the process as well.  So, learn to swim and further your swimming lessons by learning the art of Zen swimming, which is simply flowing with the water.  

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