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Stress management for the hulk
You would think that with the smooth transition and seamless blending of technology in our lives, we would be more carefree, not more stressed. But if you were to compare the stress level you endure with that of your father or grandfather, you would find that there is more stress in today’s workforce than ever before.  What is the reason for this increase, which shows no signs of going down?  Take, for example, an IT admin worker. If the site is down for 30 seconds or if emails are down for a minute, there is chaos and endless complaints from the end user. This translates into a working day that is no longer 9-5, but instead 24/7 with around the clock support and maintenance. So, does that mean these workers are getting paid overtime for all those extra hours? Nope, only a fraction. And management shows no signs of hiring more support staff or reducing their expectations. So, what can you, the stressed out employee do to bring down your stress levels before it starts to affect your health?
I’m sure you hear all the time, do meditation or take some time for yourself to relax and you’re thinking, I hardly have enough time to eat or sleep, where am I supposed to find the time to do anything else.  But here is the thing, you have to draw the line somewhere because if you keep running as you are, you are going to lose more than you bargained for. So, make the decision today to stop overworking and set a time for yourself that you will not go beyond. Yes, the 9-5 does not exist for you, but you can set a personal clock where you stop whatever you are doing at 7pm for example. The world will not end because you are not there. And if management really cared about you, they will hire the help if you stand up for yourself and set the boundaries. So, now that we have solved the problem of having no time. What are you going to do to release all that tension and stress?
Well to start with, now maybe you can try that meditation class.  Take a good look at yourself and see what kinds of interests you have.  Have you always held a desire to learn something new?  Enroll in the class of your interest and discover how you can completely get lost in whatever hobby you choose. By doing something for yourself and losing yourself in it, you will be surprised how much clearer things become in your life.  The extra energy you suddenly have, you can now share with your spouse, children, family, and friends.  You’ve already taken the time to do something for yourself, which is what has given you this extra energy, so share it with those you love and give yourself to them, a happy stress-free you.  By taking the time for yourself and the energy you receive from that and then sharing that energy with those you love, you will have discovered the secret to happiness. The secret to life.

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