Strength, Love, Dance, Mastani Posted By Annalakshmi

Strength, Love, Dance, Mastani
I have stated many times, as many before me have, that nothing is more powerful than love.  With love in your heart, a gentleness and softness in your expressions and actions automatically happen, with no effort on your part.  Many people think being soft and gentle is a sign of weakness and often wear a mask of toughness and strength, even when they are at home surrounded by family.  But the power of love and the strength that one draws from it can be clearly seen in movies such as Bajirao Mastani.  
When I was watching this movie, the first thing that struck me was the first dance in the movie by Deepika Padukone, or her character Mastani.  If you can’t recall the dance, then perhaps watch the song again and you too will discover what I saw the first time around.  She was a strong woman and a fierce warrior, who was unafraid, and even if afraid was brave enough to face it, which is a sign of real courage.   Such a fierce and strong woman became the very essence of gentleness in the dance where she expresses her love for him, “Mohe Rang Do Laal”.   The intricate hand movements and subtle facial expressions convey the depths of her love for him.  She is so full of love, which overflows from her being that the fierce warrior disappears.   The softness she portrays does not mean the strong woman is no longer there, quite the opposite in fact.  She becomes even stronger by the power of the love she feels.
If you have ever been in love, then you know how it feels and the dance that springs forth within you.  Your dance becomes soft, gentle and every step seems to take on a more significant meaning.  Just the movement of your hands, the subtle twists and flicks of the wrist feels like you are dancing with the wind/air itself that surrounds you.  You become sensitive to the things around you and everything seems to take on a new hue.  Dance is the most beautiful way one can express their love.  A person in love can easily dance with a softness and gentleness that doesn’t need to be taught.  You could take dozens of Dance Classes and never come close to the light and gentle dance one can display when one is in love.  Your dance becomes feather light and you disappear into the dance because you are no longer dancing but expressing your love and anybody sensitive enough around you can feel the love pouring out from you through the dance.  Capture this feeling or recall the feeling of love and every time you dance, pour this into your dance and watch it transform you from the inside along with everything and everybody around you.  

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