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Who are DJ
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Disc jockeys, or DJs are very popular these days, have been around ever since radio took to the air. The job of a DJ is to play music that the public want to hear and thereby creating a buzz in that particular radio station or program. Get connected with one of the top training institutes for DJ in Pune with S and A DJ Academy and learn how to master the music in style  Whether it’s a wedding party, corporate parties, family function, birthday parties or any other occasion they are the ones who  make entertainment spots come alive.

The best of them are treated like celebrities. Today's celebrity DJ has much more technical equipment at his disposal. No more scratched records or hissing sound tracks - with publicity shots done in photo booths - for the modern entertainer! The club DJ really works at mixing the sounds of different tracks, sometimes coming up with a unique blend of sounds, and he will also 'scratch' records to fit in with the beat going on too. These guys are usually equipped with technical gear so that they can slow down or speed up the following music piece to keep the rhythm going which is what the crowd usually likes. In fact, a good DJ can make or break the reputation of a club or disco and, once the crowd starts to like what they do, they will follow him to whichever venue he chooses to play at. With the right guidance of the skilled experts you will soon rock at any big events or occasion with your unique musical style.

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A large part of any event/occasion depends on The DJ whether they will make one vent to be talked about, or totally an unforgettable one. So it’s very important to learn the art of latest mixers and players. Connect with S & A DJ Academy to join the best DJ coaching classes in Pune and learn to become a pro in this field with a state of art infrastructure, and the guidance of the experienced faculties around you.

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