Solve The Mysteries Of The Rubik’s Cube! Posted By Mayuri

Solve The Mysteries Of The Rubik’s Cube!
If you are like me, you have spent many hours and days trying to solve the riddle of the Rubik’s cube.  Not just when you were a child, but even as a grown adult.  When I was a kid my siblings and I would all play with the Rubik’s cube and try to solve it.  My sister and brother seemed to find the knack to it and easily solved not just one side but two, but I, however, was hopeless. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it. So I did what I thought was best and peeled off all the stickers and stuck them back together in the right colour order.  Maybe not the right way to solve it, but all the colours did line up. Cheating or Creative? (wink)
A few months ago, my husband decided to buy a Rubik’s cube and brought it home.  Oh, the memories of tortured childhood days, it brought back.  So, again, this time, as an adult and of course wiser, I decided to try it again and I kept at it for a few weeks.  I would almost make it every time, getting a specific colour to line up, all except one.  I was convinced the cube didn’t like me.  But I didn’t get creative and cheat like I did when I was a kid. Nope, I kept at it and one evening, sitting in front of the TV, during commercial breaks, I got all the colours to line up.  It was a miracle.  I did a little dance of joy and just looked at it with pride.  I nearly tackled my husband when he came home from the office and proudly displayed the Rubik’s cube, which I had solved.  He was happy for me, of course, but he mixed the colours back up again and asked me to try again.  I was shocked.  I mean, after weeks of trying, I finally got the colours, just one side, all lined up and within seconds, he mixed them up.  I tried again, relentlessly and gave up frustrated and threw the cube.  My husband within minutes lined the colours up on not just one side, but two and I just stood there, with my mouth hanging open.  
He tried to explain the concept behind how to line the colours up and I looked at him like he was talking in an alien language. Thus, ending my exciting Rubik’s cube adventures.  Hilarious? Yes, they were. But I know when I am beaten, by a Rubik’s cube, nonetheless. But there are classes designed to teach you the secrets to not just lining up one side of this mysterious cube, but all the sides.  That is truly genius if you ask me.  There are even competitions to see who can put the cube together the fastest.  I am definitely not entering that competition.  But your child might have a talent and the potential for solving the puzzle of the Rubik’s cube and if they do have the capacity to solve it, then it only means one thing. Your child is a genius.  A natural problem solver with a knack for logic and math.  So, discover if your child can do what I could not do, with Rubik’s cube classes, which can be fun, despite my frustrating experience.  Find more on

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befhsdg21 July 2016
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santosh02 July 2016
hahahaa... that is funny. i cannot solve that cube also.