Smart Players or Chess Makes one Smarter? Posted By Varsha

Smart Players or Chess Makes one Smarter?
Do smart people play Chess or Chess makes people smarter? Since the arrival of Chess it was a misconception that Chess is the Game of Philanthropists, Intellectuals, Geniuses and Gifted people. It is true that Chess is an exercise with infinite possibilities of mind, one which develops thinking, improves concentration, reasoning, creative planning and strategy. Interested in chess?, join chess classes in pune.

For every age, Chess is the Brain sharpening activity ever. Now days there are numerous Brain sharpening games and courses like, Sudoku, Mid Brain Activation Classes, Abacus, Vedic Math, Meditation, Apps & Games in Cell phones, Puzzles. But Chess is the most traditional one. so enroll in chess coaching classes in pune.

Modern moms even try to make their kids learn CHESS, even after being so many options available. Researchers have confirmed that meaningful knowledge is stored in memory in the form of Patterns and Tricks.

One of the motives of Education system is to develop critical thinking in children. Chess is an excellent tool to demonstrate theme of critical thinking. It also helps in developing logical thinking. Player “A” may make a move thinking future possibilities with moves of Player “B”. But Player “B” may not understand the logic behind. Classboat assists in finding the best chess class in pune.

Chess is the Gymnasium of mind. One must learn to play Chess, not only learn but also expertise. It’s not a game of repetitive moves instead it is new every time once one starts to Play.

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