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Singing Your Way Into People’s Hearts
I have a friend, Rosa, with beautiful long silky golden hair, who has the most angelic singing voice you have ever heard.  She never took any formal lessons.  She has always been able to sing like an angel since she was a little girl. A gift she was born with.  Wherever we went, wherever she went, she was always asked to sing.  She was part of the school choir in high school and was always the main lead in the choir to sing all the solo performances.  She had such a brilliant career as a singer ahead of her. Everyone who heard her knew it.  
If you had the chance to hear her sing, you were indeed blessed because hearing her sweet voice had the power to transport you into her melodies and get lost in that sweet voice of hers.  But we lived in a small town and she never actually thought of pursuing it as a career and would just shrug it off whenever we, her friends, told her to try. We knew she would make it if only she would try.  But she was surprisingly a very shy girl, despite being able to sing in front of audiences, confidently.  Her shyness and demure nature kept her from spreading her wings.  
One day, she had the fortune of meeting a man, who didn’t know about her secret gift, as he was new to town.  The courtship was a long, sweet drawn out affair.  She was as beautiful to look at as she was to hear.  So, it was no surprise that this new stranger in town, fell under her spell.  We all teased her, but as usual, she brushed it off.  He slowly pursued her, getting to know her, about her through people in the town.  But it was her singing voice, which finally gave him the courage to approach her.  Rosa, was as usual called up to sing at a friend’s party, where Sam, was also in attendance.  Just as everybody else fell under the spell of her enchanting voice, so too did Sam.  Hearing her sing, could make a person cry. She was that beautiful.  So, he approached her and commented on her lovely voice, and thus began their slow budding romance.  He took her out on a few dates and the connection, chemistry and attraction they felt solidified their relationship.  It was no longer just Rosa, just Sam, but Rosa and Sam.  
With his gentle support and encouragement, Rosa has left our town to audition for a singing part in a play. We all know she will get it and that it will be the start of her successful career because as everyone in our town knows, her voice is unforgettable and that alone will spread like wildfire, which will attract music producers, for sure.  So today, we await eagerly to hear the good news from Sam and Rosa.

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