Shopping Online? No, Learning Online! Posted By Pratiksha S.

Shopping Online?  No, Learning Online!
After a few years of marriage, I decided to stop working and devote my time to my family.  I grew up in a family where my mother stayed at home to watch her children.  She had dreams and ambitions of her own and even had opportunities to start a career, but we wanted her home, so she stayed at home to take care of us.  I remember coming home to freshly baked cookies, cakes, etc.  This was how I wanted my home to be after getting married.  But of course, over the course of the years, you realize you are so much more than just a housewife and have dreams and desires of your own for your life.  I wasn’t ready to venture back into the world and start working again after such a huge gap.  I didn’t even know if I was still qualified.  

One day my husband told me about all these classes that are offered online that you can take and some even for free and the wide variety of other information available on the net.  So, I joined Coursera, which offers academic courses from around the world for free.  This is how I started living my life again.  I started taking courses that always interested me, online, and started reading and developing my skills and knowledge again.  I took a course in Greek Mythology, Genes n DNA, Evolution and many more. I also found I could download books online to study from.  So, I continued my online education in Child psychology, emotional intelligence, Yoga etc.  I spent the next couple of years simply soaking up the knowledge available online.  

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I couldn’t believe the amount of information there was available on the Internet and the number of courses you could take online.  It seemed you could learn anything online these days.  I found yoga classes online, where people from all over the world took classes from instructors right here in Pune.  It was unbelievable.  You could be learning the same thing as the person halfway across the globe from the same teacher, at different times, but both of us learning Yoga online.  I even found music classes you could take online.  Now, I never signed up music classes online because I simply couldn’t wrap my mind around it.  How could you learn to play an instrument online with the teacher not right next to you. But I found out that for working professionals it was an easy solution, since they were so busy with their work and life schedules.  They could pursue their interests from the comfort of their home without juggling another activity into their already busy schedule.  So, the internet has seemed to open the doors of learning to everyone making it readily available to anyone seeking to build their knowledge or skills.  With so many things online these days, I guess it’s no surprise that learning has also moved online.  

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