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Share Your Learning Experiences
There are some people and some instances in our lives that stick with us for many years to come.  People and experiences that helped change our lives for the better and helped us grow.  Teachers who took that extra time with us, their own personal time to guide us and give us the helping hand we needed.  Such teachers make the class memorable and the teacher makes the effort to take the time and effort to reach us, the lessons become that much easier to absorb and learn.  
We have all had such teachers in our lives.  I have had quite a number of teachers who took the extra effort and time with me to help me out during the difficult sections and also went on to become my friends.  Recently, I had a music teacher in keyboard classes in pune , who was immensely talented in not just playing the keyboard but teaching how to play as well.  She was patient, playful and was ready to share all her tips and secrets that helped her learn to play.  I remember spending time with her after classes just getting to know her and her family.  The Music Classes become all that more interesting by the personal touch she added to her classes.  She didn’t just play the role of teacher, but became my friend, who knew when to slip into the role of the teacher and when to become personal.  The melting of roles and relationships of student-teacher-friend never overlapped and was never confusing.  I took classes with her for over two years and have recommended her to many friends, who were also interested in learning musical instruments.  Today, it is not surprising that her career is, as a teacher.  
Perhaps, you too know of teachers and Classes that altered your life.  Teachers and classes that became a part of your life experience.  Share your unique story with us.  

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