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Self Defense Techniques Every Woman Needs To Know
Women breaking free of traditional molds and entering the workforce has allowed women the freedom to move around, explore and discover their own potential. But as with everything in nature, this positive trend has a dark side as well.  As more and more women step out of the home and explore the freedom that men have had for centuries, they attract unwanted attention, which can sometimes lead to devastation.  A woman who embraces her freedom to live her life the way she chooses must also take responsibility for herself and learn to take care of herself, if she should ever find herself in an unpleasant situation.  Get training at self defense classes in pune today.

 Preventive Methods
1.    Become aware of your surrounding: Know the area you are in at all times. Do not distract yourself with your mp3 player or mobile phone.  Avoid taking unlit routes and dark alleys.  
2.    Make eye contact:  This easy and simple move tells a potential attacker that you have seen him and can easily recognize him and point him out to the police, if needed.  The confidence displayed can perhaps thwart a potential predator.  
3.    Practice common sense – Do not stay out till the wee hours of the morning and if you do, make sure you are with friends and never alone.  Avoid areas that are dimly lit or unlit and if something feels wrong, it probably is best to avoid it and honor your women’s intuition, which might end up saving your life. 
Self defense classes in pune teach you the skills and techniques.

How To Attack And Escape
If the worse should happen and you find yourself face to face with your attacker, then the first thing to do is become as loud as possible and scream and put some distance between the attacker and yourself by becoming assertive.  Then try any one or a combination of the following to help you escape safely.
1.    Eyes – Scratch, claw or gouge out the attacker’s eye to temporarily block their vision, giving you the opportunity to run to safety.
2.    Nose – Use the heal of your palm and trust it upwards towards the predator’s nose.  If they are behind you, then use your elbow to punch their nose.
3.    Neck – The neck is full of nerve endings.  With the pinky side of your hand, using a chopping motion, thrust your hand into the neck of the assailant and the blow should stun him giving you time to escape.  
4.    Knee – Most muggers are ready for the neck and groin attacks, but hitting the knee will take them by surprise.  Kick the person with full force at the knee and knock him down and run away as fast as possible.
5.    Groin – The easiest and most popular technique.  Use your knee or elbow and aim for the groin, which will definitely incapacitate your assailant. 

Empower yourself with these techniques and learn them well.  Take a self-defense if you think it will make you feel safer when you are out making your mark in the world. Visit Self defense classes in pune today and enroll in the one.

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