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Self Defense Is Believing You Are Worth Defending
You’re walking back home late at night whether from work, from your friend’s place or party and the worst thing imaginable happens.  You come face to face with an attacker.  What are you going to do?  The smartest thing anyone will tell you is simply to give the attacker whatever money he is demanding because it is definitely worth more to come out alive. But this is not always the case, sometimes the attacker wants to do physical harm to you.
I remember when I was in high school, as part of the curriculum we were taught self-defense for a week.  The very first exercise we did in this class was something that surprised me.  We were all told to walk around the room in any direction, which we did.  The instructor at the end of this exercise, asked us how many of us apologized for bumping into somebody and surprisingly many of the girls put their hands up.  And the instructor asked us why we apologized?  It was a wakeup call for me.  

As women, we are raised to be submissive and always apologize, which we seem to accept with no questions because our elders, our mothers and grandmothers, whom we trust, seem to follow this also.   But it conditions our mind into thinking we are somehow weaker and more fragile.  But take a good look at history and you will find strong and courageous women who have been on the forefront of change in societies and the world.  The women’s movement is not something that happened in the 60’s n 70’s, it is still continuing today, as so much of  the old ideas and concepts of how a woman should be is still deeply embedded in our minds, that we unknowingly pass them onto our daughters.  

Women have made huge strides in the world today, stepping out of the home and joining the workforce to take care of themselves and support themselves.  So, why shouldn’t you take the necessary precautions and learn to take care of yourself, so that, when you do find yourself in such a situation as coming home alone late at night, you know what to do.  If all the attacker wants is money, then giving him what he wants is common sense, since no amount of money is worth your life.  But what if he doesn’t want just money and wants something else. What do you do?   In this situation you really are in trouble and you need to know what to do to protect yourself and escape from this potentially dangerous situation.  

Whether you are a woman or a man, learning to defend yourself will give you the power to protect yourself and perhaps those you love as well.  Learning basic self defense is a necessity today as more and more violent petty crimes are being committed.  Learning how to disorient you attacker and run for your life is something you can learn in self-defense classes in pune.  Learning self-defense is not about harming the other person, the attacker, but throwing the attacker off of you and saving yourself, because if you end up killing your attacker, you could find yourself in worse trouble.  Except this time with the law. So, by joining a self defense class in pune  you can learn the techniques for disarming your attacker and hurting him just enough to save yourself by running away and calling out for help.  So, don’t stop living your life because you are afraid of what might happen. Instead learn to embrace life by equipping yourself with the tools to live fully and take care of yourself and be truly independent and free.  

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