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Sanskrit – An Ancient Language Spreading The World
Sanskrit, an ancient Dravidian language that is surrounded by the controversy of whether it is the oldest language in history or Tamil.  Sanskrit has been among Indians for thousands of years and many of our scriptures are recorded in this ancient language.  In fact, if you are able to speak Sanskrit, you can easily understand many of the Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi.  But today only one state has this as their official language and only 14000 people claim to speak it fluently in a country of more than a billion.  
While many schools offer this language as an elective subject to learn, students tend to gravitate towards the more popular languages of today such as German, French and even Mandarin.  The reason being that in today’s global world, it is more beneficial to learn these foreign languages that will help them in their future careers.  But the story is quite the opposite in other parts of the world.
Take, for example, Germany, where students have been gripped by Sanskrit fever.  The demand to learn this language in the colleges and universities is so high that they simply don’t have the supply to meet the demand.  There are so many students interested in this class that many applications of students, who wish to learn this language are rejected.  In Germany, you are truly a lucky person if you get accepted into the languages department for learning this ancient controversial language, Sanskrit. Unlike the citizens of this country, who claim that Sanskrit is Indian in origin.  But, there are more people in other countries that are interested in learning about this alive language, compared to other ancient languages that have ceased to exist along with those civilizations.  Find best sanskrit language classes in pune on
So, despite the government trying to bring back this language to the masses, under false methods and means, you might be interested in learning the language as a means of studying the history of mankind and our civilization.  By enrolling in Sanskrit language classes in pune and becoming fluent and knowledgeable not just about the language but its history, you might be opening the doors to a future career outside of India, where the world is waiting to learn this language and about it, that has been neglected by our citizens.

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