STOP! Do Not Read This Blog! Posted By Lily

STOP!  Do Not Read This Blog!
I once came across a book titled, “What Men Know About Women”.  It peaked my curiosity and I opened the book to find the page was empty.  So turned to the next page and the next and the next and they were all empty.  It was hilarious and I couldn’t believe it was actually published.  I didn’t buy the book because why would I pay for a book with blank pages?  
Years later, the Kung Fu Panda movie came out.  The characters are all aiming to get the Dragon Scroll.  When they finally do get it and open it to read the secrets of the universe, which will give them phenomenal power, it was empty.  The lesson being that you are the secret. Everything you need and want can be found within. So why are you looking outside?  
So, while I could sit here and type about how you can live a better, richer and fuller life, you could be out there living it instead.  Stop reading about living stress-free and become stress-free.  Stop learning about anger management and become more peaceful.  Sitting and reading about “how to... “, while may be useful to give you the kick start you need, it can also make you a “how to” junkie.  A person who reads about living and improving but never actually does anything about it.  

Don’t you think it’s time to stop thinking and filling your head with all kinds of knowledge, but to start doing what you are learning about and reading about?  Step out of your current life and see what there is to discover by simply living by doing. Start doing something new today.  GO!

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